Theme Setup

Theme's design and layout will greatly impact how your customers interact with your brand and products. With our highly customizable modules in the theme section, you can create a unique and well-functional store.

Choose the right theme for your store

Shoplazza has 35 free themes available for merchants. Each has its uniqueness for different use cases. To reduce your work on research, we have compared a list of the most popular themes with their key features and uniqueness highlighted.

Understand the theme editor

The theme editor consists of one preview area and three editing areas. The preview area allows you to see how the edits and changes you make in the editing area will affect your store before you publish it.

What is a card and how to use it?

Themes use sections to create your ideal layout. Sections are made up of blocks that serve a specific function. Using sections and blocks in your templates provides more flexibility in how you arrange your store’s content, enabling you to control the look and feel of your online store without having to edit the code.

Tips for customizing your store

You may be overwhelmed by all these functions and pages in the theme editor. We collected some tips on the best practices from our experts to help you customize your store more efficiently.

Step 1. Confirm the style and tone of the entire store you want by visiting your competitor's store or doing your own research.

Step 2. Go to the Theme settings to configure the color and layout of the store.

Step 3. Set up the header and footer of the website.

Step 4. Customize the layout and function of the Home page, Collection Page, Product Page, and Shopping Cart Page.

Step 5. Configure the remaining pages (such as blog pages and custom pages) when necessary.

When the store customization has come to an end but has not been published, you can click Save Draft to keep the setup. When you complete the overall decoration, you can click Publish, and the theme will be published on your storefront.

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