Add products to your store

Add products

Shoplazza allows merchants to sell unlimited products. There are several different ways to add products to your store.

Option 1

If you are migrating to Shoplazza from Shopify, you can import products by referring to the following methods.

Option 2

If you want to start your eCommerce with dropshipping, we recommend two dropshipping tools.

Option 3

You can add products manually to your store if this is your first time digitizing your products.

Create collections

You can manage your products by grouping them into different collections. It will make your customers shop your products by category and have a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Create/Import reviews

Online reviews have been approved as effective in helping consumers make purchasing decisions. Customers are hesitant/less likely to make purchases from businesses that lack reviews.

Shoplazza allows you to set up reviews in different ways.

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