How do I disable the auto-translate for page titles with the Multilingual settings app?

Expanding your business globally involves tailoring your marketing strategies to various regions. Utilizing Multilingual settings in your online storefront is a key part of this process, as it allows you to cater to customers worldwide. However, there may be instances where you want specific elements, like page titles, to remain in a certain language regardless of the viewer's settings. This guide provides straightforward steps to achieve this through simple coding adjustments.

Page titles Comparison

  • Before Code Implementation:

  • After Code Implementation:

Disabling Auto-Traslation

1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Online Store > Themes, click the more options icon and select Edit code from the dropdown. This step allows you to modify the part of your website that will remain unaffected by the Multilingual settings when customers change languages.

2. Once in the editor, open Layout and click on theme.liquid. To find the relevant section quickly, use CMD+F on a Mac or CTRL+F on Windows, and search for the word "title". This will highlight the sections of code you need to modify.

3. In the targeted section, insert class="notranslate". This simple code ensures that the specified text remains in the language you've set. After adding this, don't forget to click Save to implement the changes.

While Multilingual settings are great for reaching a diverse audience, keeping certain text elements like page titles in a consistent language is important for brand coherence. These steps enable you to customize your website's language features to suit your business needs, providing a seamless shopping experience for your global clientele.

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