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Avalarais sales tax software that automates tax calculations and the tax filing process. Avalara provides real-time tax rates from more than 12,000 tax jurisdictions. If your store is on Shoplazza Pro and you have an Avalara account, then you can activate Avalara for your Shoplazza Pro plan. After Avalara is activated, you can charge taxes in your store using Avalara’s services instead of calculating the tax by yourself.


1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to Settings > Taxes , At the Automate Tax section, click on Automate your taxes now.


2. Fill in your Avalara Account/Username and Key/Password to connect your Avalara account.


3. If you didn’t register an Avalara account, go to Avalara   to register first.

4. After registering as an Avalara user, you need to follow the guide to complete the business information and where you collect tax settings.


5. After you connect your account, do the following:


  • Go to the Avalara background to check whether the country/region that needs to be collected tax is set completely, and the tax rate will not be returned to the country/region that is not set to be collected tax.mceclip4.png
  • Set up tax codes for your products. Avalara will assign a default tax code for items that do not have a tax code set. You can enter the product category to look up the tax code provided by Avalara in the product edit page.mceclip5.pngmceclip6.png
  • Set up your manual tax rate settings. If Avalara AvaTax is temporarily unavailable, then your manual tax rates are used to calculate the taxes for your orders.mceclip7.png

6. Once you complete all the settings at Avalara’s website, your online store will be using Avalara to calculate the tax rate when customers checkout the taxable product. 

7. The order that used Avalara to calculate the tax rate will be transferred to Avalara. You can go to Avalara admin to view all the order records and manage your tax report. 


When orders that used Avalara to calculate the tax rate initiate refund, detailed refund information will aslo be transferred to Avalara. A tax rebate report will be generated for the refund.


If you refund the order by manually putting in the refund amount, Avalara can not determine which products need to be (partially) refunded. It is recommended that you manually adjust the tax rebate report on Avalara’s website.mceclip8.png

8. For inquiries on Avalara, you can go to Avalara   for further assistance.mceclip9.png

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