How do I migrate my store from Shopify?

If you would like to move your store from Shopify to Shoplazza, it's important to follow all these steps so that the process goes smoothly.


Start here: Shoplazza admin > Apps > App Store > Store Migration

  1. Find the Store Migration in the App Store and apply it to your store.


  1. Go to your Shopify store and copy your domain prefix, and fill in the migration store URL. Fill in the secondary domain prefix in Shopify to proceed.


  1. Fill in the store API key, which is the API Key on your Shopify store. An app can be created specifically for store migration. After the creation is successful, you can see the API Key. Click Settings to create an app.


4.In the Settings pop-up window, click App and sales channel settings in the navigation bar on the left. Scroll down to the bottom and click Develop apps for your store.


  1. If you have not created an app before, click Create an app. If you have created an app before 2022, Please refer to step 13 at the end of the article"


  1. Enter the App name in the pop-up window, select App developer (developer email) and click Create app.


  1. Click Configuration and Configure.


  1. Select Admin API access scopes according to the content you want to migrate, and then click Save. Now it supports the migration of product information, blogs, and customer information. Please check the information in the box below.


  1. Click API credentials and then click Install app.


  1. Click Install in the pop-up window.


  1. Click Reveal token once to view the API access token.


The token can only be viewed once, please save it carefully.


  1. Select the content that needs to be migrated. Currently, the migration of products, customers and blog content is supported, and then click the Store migration button to migrate data.


  1. If you have created an app before 2022, you can click the app you created on the App development page. Copy and paste the API key and Password into the Shoplazza store, and fill in the Password in the Access token.


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