Setting up the Multi Facebook Pixels app

In order to add your Facebook by Meta Pixel ID to your store, Shoplazza has simplified the process for you through an app called Multi Facebook Pixels  . You can add a pixel while setting up your Facebook by Meta Business Manager to monitor customer information and behaviour on your online store. You must choose the level of customer data sharing before using a Facebook pixel. You get to choose how much information you wish to track with the pixel. Only consumer behaviour is sent with the Standard data sharing setting. Name, location, and email address are among the additional customer data sent under the Enhanced settings.


1. Go to your Facebook by Meta Business Manager  to get your Pixel ID. Click on All tools > Events Manager > Connect Data Source and Locate ID as shown below:


If you haven't created a Pixel ID yet, click here for more information. 



2. Go to the Shoplazza App store in your store's admin, search and install the Multi Facebook Pixels  app. Once installed, enter your Pixcel ID that you have created under Data source , and select global to track your entire website or specify a product collection.


3. After you've added your Pixel ID, go back to your Facebook by Meta Business Manager  > All tools > Ads Manager, select your Pixel in the Data Sources Tab and click Test Events to see whether relevant events are reported accurately.mceclip7.png

  • To quickly verify that the Pixel has been installed on your site, download the Facebook Pixel Helper   extension from the Chrome App Store (This is a native function to chrome and currently only available to chrome users).

If you're new to Facebook Pixels, head over to the Facebook Business Help center   to learn more.


Global Pixel: Standard events for all website pages will be reported to the Facebook account corresponding to the global Pixel ID.

Collection Specific Pixel: Standard events for a collection page and its sub-pages (such as product details, add-to-cart, checkout) are reported to the Facebook account corresponding to the specified Pixel ID.


Facebook Multi Pixels Settings provides you with additional filtering options during event reporting.

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