Store Customization

Add a theme

Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Store > Themes.  You can see the current active store. If you want to customize the store, click “Customize” to continue.

At the “ Free themes” section, select the theme you prefer.

Preview theme effect is supported. Add the preferred theme to the library, you can view the added theme in the theme library.

After the theme is added, you can see the newly added theme in “Recently added”. In addition to the current active store, other added themes will be displayed for easier management.

Click “Action” to more settings.

  • Online store: Preview the effects of your store.
  • Copy: You can copy the corresponding theme and display it in “Recently added”.
  • Upgrade: If there is a new version of the theme, you can update it.
  • Rename: You can rename the theme for easier identification.
  • Edit language: The display language of the store can be changed, supporting 15 languages such as English, Chinese, Thai and French, etc.
  • Edit code: If you are capable of programming, you can edit the code to customize the theme.

Switch the customization pages

Start here:SHOPLAZZA admin > Store > Themes > Customize


Switch the page in the theme editor, click the page to customize the content, add or delete sections, etc. There are two types of page:

System page: In the front of the catalog menu are system pages, such as: home page, products, checkout, collections, etc. You can customize and modify the content, add and delete sections, etc

Custom page: Pages created in the admin. You can modify the page content and section style referring to “Custom page”.


Set up the store layout

Add sections: Different themes have different sections, including media, marketing, products, navigation and others, which can be added as needed.



  • Dragging and dropping to sort: Press the drag icon on the right side of the section to change the order easily and quickly.
  • Remove: When removing a section, you can click Remove section.



Section settings

  • Click the section to customize the section content as needed.
  • Function settings: according to the needs of the store, you can choose whether to enable the function. For example, the announcement section can switch on “Show social icons” and “Add announcement”.


Save Draft / Publish

  • Save Draft: Click Save draft to save your settings and continuing the customization later.


  • Publish: After you complete the customization, click Publish to save all the settings.




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