Setting up Conversion API and Facebook Access token

A Facebook access token is a unique string of characters that allows an application or website to access a user's Facebook data or perform actions on their behalf. When a user logs into an application or website using their Facebook account, the application requests an access token from Facebook. The access token is then used to make requests to Facebook's API on behalf of the user.

Setting up Conversion API manually

1. Log into your Facebook Business Suite  .

2. In the left navigation bar, click on All tools

3. Under the Advertise section, you will click Events Manager to continue.

4. From the left navigation, select Data source and click Settings.

5. Here you can select the pixel to which the Conversion API is linked, scroll down to find Set up manually, and click Get started.

6. Here you will follow the steps on the page to manually implement Conversions API and click Continue.

7. Select the events you want to send through the Conversions API. You can also browse and select other events under additional events.

8. Select the Event detail parameters you want to send with each one of your events.

9. Review the events and parameters you want to send through the Conversions API and click Continue.

10. Once reviewed, click Finish to complete the setup.

Generating Access token

1. To generate the access token navigate to the Settings page. Under the Conversions API section, click on Generate access token.

2. Once your token is generated, copy and save the token for future reference.

Conversion API allows you to track events such as purchases or sign-ups that occur outside of Facebook's platform. After creating your access token, you can activate Facebook Pixel and Conversion API (CAPI).

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