How Do I Add Products to Manual Collection?

Suitable for merchants with few SKUs. Suppose you have strict requirements for sorting items or creating small and precise collections containing special products, then you can choose to add products manually to filter the collection more accurately.


1.Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Products > Collections > Create collection


2.Fill in the collection details (Title, Description and Collection image).


3.Edit website SEO (Page title, SEO description, URL and Keywords).


4.Select “Manual” to import or select products.


5.Import products, select files from your system, and start importing.


6.Select products, you can select the products to add them to the collection or filter products that meet requirements.

  • You can add more filters to select products more accurately.


7.You can also sort newly added products.


📘 Note:

1.Import guidelines: only xlsx files with a maximum of 10MB are supported. Use import template files to import products. Any files with product ID fields can be imported. Only products from the current store can be imported.

2.Different filters can be selected using options such as “meet all requirements” or “meet any requirements”.

  • When “meet all requirements” is selected, products can be filtered out only when they meet all conditions.
  • When “meet any requirements” is selected, products can be filtered out as long as they meet some of the conditions.

3.In order to improve filtering accuracy, multiple filtering sections can be set, and the relationship between each filter can also be set.

  • When "and" is selected, products must satisfy the conditions of all the filtering sections, the products that meet all those conditions will be automatically filtered out.
  • When "or" is selected, that is, products that satisfy the conditions of any filter section will be filtered out.
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