How to Bulk Edit Product Values

Merchants are often at a loss as to how to manage a store with many product updates and value settings. You can use the bulk editor tool to make changes to multiple products and product variants at the same time. 

1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Products > All products. Select the products that need editing, click more, and select More bulk actions.mceclip0.png

2. Enter the bulk editing page.

3. Add the fields to be bulk edited.mceclip1.png

4. To edit the product field information, click directly on the cell to edit it separately.

5. To edit the product field information, enter the value directly into the bulk edit box for quick editing.mceclip2.png

6. To edit product field information, you can select a specific format for bulk editing.

  • Bulk editing of product titles, adding prefixes and suffixes to product titles, and replacing parts of the text
  • Bulk editing product prices by format. It supports bulk editing of new prices, cost prices, and compare at prices.
  • Bulk editing of new SKU values and adding prefixes or formatting partial text replacement to SKU values of products.
  • Support bulk replacing part of the text of option name and value.


7. Click Save when finished editing.

8. If you have failed to edit a product, you can view the reasons for successful editing and be unable to revise and edit the failed product again.mceclip4.png

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