How do I create URL redirects?

The URL redirects applies to the following scenarios.

  • After a product has been pulled or removed, you can set up URL redirects so that when prospective customers enter the product's URL, they can be redirected to similar products in your store.
  • When you delete product collections, blogs, blog collections, and custom pages, you can also set URL redirects for these pages to direct prospective visitors of the above pages to your preset pages.
  • When you migrate your store from other platforms to Shoplazza, or make structural adjustments to the Shoplazza store, the pages originally indexed by search engines may become invalid. You can then organize these invalid pages and set up redirects in batches.
  • When you place an advertisement on an important landing page of the store, there are certain unexpected situations that may lead to 404 on the landing page. In order to avoid wasting advertising costs and avoid affecting the impression and experience of the advertising audience on the brand, you can set up a URL redirect as the backup for the landing page in advance. When the original landing page becomes 404, the URL redirect is triggered, and the traffic will be redirected to the backup landing page.

1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Online Store > URL redirect.


2. Click Create URL redirect.


3. In Redirect from, enter the old URL that you want to redirect visitors from.



  • In Redirect from, only the store URL can be created.
  • URL redirects can be triggered when the store URL in the Redirect from is invalid.
  • You can't redirect URLs that begin with the following prefixes: /apps, /app, /application, /cart, /carts, /orders, /shop, /services,/api, /admin, /checkout-cougar, /account, /order, /search, /404.

4. In Redirect to, enter the new URL that you want to redirect visitors to.



  • If you want to redirect to your store's home page, then enter /.
  • The new URL can be either a route (for example, /collection/shirts) or a full URL (for example, To redirect traffic within your store, please use a route. To redirect outside your store, please use a full URL.

5. Click Save.



  • The relationship between URL redirects list and SEO links of each module:

SEO links (handle) can be edited for modules such as products, product collections, blogs, blog collections, and custom pages. Whenever the SEO links of these modules are updated, you can create URL redirects in these modules to convert visitors from old SEO links to the latest SEO links.

If the URL redirects you set in the redirect list conflicts with the redirect of each module's SEO link, for example:

1) SEO link redirect of a module: URL A - URL B;

2) URL redirect list: URL A - URL C;

Then in the end, the SEO link redirect of each module will prevail (URL A - URL B). The redirects set at the URL redirect list will only take effect when the SEO link of each module is invalid.

  • The maximum number of URL redirects that can be set for a single store is tentatively set at 10,000.
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