How do I set up the free shipping discount code?

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What is Free Shipping Discount Code?

How do I set up the free shipping discount code?

What is Free Shipping Discount Code?

If you would like to offer free shipping service, you can create a free shipping discount code. Free shipping is available to your customers by entering a discount code at checkout. The free shipping discount code will take effect on all products of your store. You can set conditions for free shipping, or you can specify certain countries/regions to enjoy free shipping.

In order to avoid a loss due to free shipping, merchants can set a limit on the free shipping amount. Once set, if the shipping fee exceeds the set limit, the excess portion of the fee will be paid by the customer. For example, if the set limit on the shipping fee is $20, and the customer's order shipping fee is $25, the customer will get $20 waived, and will only pay a $5 shipping fee.

How Do I Set Up the Free Shipping Discount Code?

1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Marketing > Discount codes. Click Create campaign.


2. Fill in basic information.


3. Set up Usage rules.


4. Choose Free Shipping in the Promotion types.


5. You can set a maximum free shipping amount for each order by checking the box.


6. Set up the Minimum requirements.


7. Select Applicable zones. Select the specific zones where you would like to offer free shipping. Pay attention that only zones with shipping rates can be selected.


8. Click Save to complete the setup.

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