How do I View the Sold Out Rate Report?

To make informed inventory decisions, merchants can analyze inventory sales and sold out rate data by viewing the Sold Out Rate Report within the Shoplazza admin.

1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Analytics > Sold out rate


2. You can set the time period for viewing inventory data, or select a preset time period to view data.


3. By entering the keyword, you can filter the corresponding inventory sold out data.


4. By editing the column, you can view corresponding data.


*The order of columns can be adjusted by dragging. Select at least 5 header fields to be displayed.

Meaning of Headers



Starting inventory

Inventory quantity on the start date within the set time period

Ending inventory

Inventory quantity on the end date within the set time period

Inventory sold

The total sales in the set time period, and the sum of valid orders within the set time period, excluding the returned quantity

Inventory sold per day

Average sales inventory per day during the set time period

Sell-through rate

Percentage of the Inventory sold of the Starting inventory = (Inventory sold ➗Starting inventory)*100%

Days reported

The days with sales from the beginning to the end of the set time period

Percent sold

Percent sold = Inventory sold ➗( Inventory sold + Ending inventory) *100%




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