How Do I Set Up Facebook Ads?

By completing a series of Facebook Ads settings, the Facebook Ads feature will be realized in Shoplazza admin. This article will introduce you to the setting  steps and precautions of Facebook Ads.

1. Start here: Shoplazza admin > Marketing > Facebook


2. Connect your Facebook account. Click Connect to start connecting your Facebook account.


3. Go to the Facebook authorization page to authorize your store. If you manually un-select some permissions, the authorization of the Facebook account will fail, and you need to re-select all permissions for authorization.


4. Connect Business Manager account. You can only connect to a Business Manager account for which you have admin access. If you don't have an account yet, you can click Create new, and we will help you create a new Business Manager account.

If you fail to connect, please go to Facebook to confirm whether your account is normal. The possible reasons for the failure of the connection include the Business Manager account has reached the creation limit, and the Facebook account does not have the admin access to the Business Manager account.


4. You can only connect the page for which you have admin access, otherwise, you may fail to connect the page. Also, you can click Create new, and create a new page on Facebook.


5. Connect your Ad account to deliver Facebook ads and pay for the fees. You can only connect the ad account which has already been linked to a Business Manager account.  If you fail to view your ad account, please link to another Business Manager account or create a new ad account.


6. Accept the Terms and conditions of service. Clicking Seller Agreement and Beta Product Testing Terms will redirect you to the Facebook Terms page. Clicking Accept terms means that you have accepted the Facebook Terms of Service, all settings have been completed, and you can synchronize products from your store.

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