How Do I Create Facebook Conversion Ads?

Facebook Conversion Ads are to show ads to people who are most likely to take actions, such as shopping on your website or calling you.

This article will walk you through the process of creating a Facebook conversion ad.

Start here: Marketing > Facebookmceclip0.png

1. Complete the Facebook Ads setup. See:Facebook Ads Settingsmceclip1.png

2. Choose a Campaign Objective. Currently, only Conversion Ad is supported.mceclip2.png

3. Complete the Campaign settings. Click Next and continue to the Ad Set settings.mceclip3.png

4. Complete the Ad Set settings. You need to bind a Pixel, and select a conversion event to complete the conversion settings. In the Budget & Schedule section, you can choose the daily budget or the total budget to plan the ad set budget. The daily budget refers to the average daily cost, and the total budget refers to the cost limit of the entire ad set during the delivery period. You can choose to run your ad on a permanent basis starting today, or only during a specific period.mceclip4.pngIn the Audience settings section, you can apply the audiences you have saved on Facebook, or create new audiences. Audience settings include Location, Age, Gender, Detailed targeting, Custom audiences, etc., which can help you use more precise audience targeting to create ads.mceclip8.png

5. Complete the Ad settings. Fill in the Ad creative forms and click Save to create the ad.mceclip6.png

6. Turn on the conversion campaigns. The new campaigns, ad sets and ads are turned off by default and ​​need to be turned on manually.mceclip7.png

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