Add Product Filter to the Collection Page

Product filters are available on the collection page. When filtering is enabled, customers can filter products by availability, color, or other options to find the products they are most interested in. The system uses product attributes, such as availability, price, and vendor (brand) as the default filtering option. The product variant is used as the custom filtering option. If all products have no variant, the product attributes are the only filtering option available.

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How to add a product filter to the collection page?

How to add a product filter to the collection page?

1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Online store > Navigation > Filters


2. Click Add filters to select the targeted filtering options and click Confirm to proceed.



3. After the configuration is done, in Nova 2022, Hero, Boost and Eva themes, a filter is generated on the default collection page, which supports turning off collection filtering in the theme editor.

For Nova 2022


For Hero


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