COZMOX Influencer/Affiliate Marketing User Guide

1. Products
Manage the listed products of your store. Install the COZMOX influencer/affiliate marketing tool to automatic/manual sync products to
2. Orders
View all the orders of the campaign, and you can also check the promoters, order details and order status.
3. Campaigns
Merchants can create an affiliate marketing campaign. In addition, services including influencer marketing, PR marketing, social media marketing and other services are available.
3.1 Affiliate program: It has 3 states, activated, inactivated and completed.
3.1.1 Activated refers to a plan that is in progress. In this state, the product can be promoted;
3.1.2 Inactivated refers to the marketing plan that has not been started after set up. It can be set activated manually or activated at a specified time;
3.1.3 Completed means that the program has been completed and gone offline.
3.2 Affiliate program creation: Enter COZMOX influencer/affiliate marketing tool → Campaign → Create campaign → enter campaign details → select product → save
3.3 Review: manual review and automatic review are both available.
3.4 Publish: Affiliate program can be set private - only invite influencer to promote.
3.5 Adjustment: Affiliate program can be adjusted at any time.
3.6 Note: Calculation rules: commission=actual payment amount*commission rate, actual payment amount =payment amount-tax-shipping fee
4. Partnership
4.1 management: manage all the cooperative promoters, check the general info and promotion details.
4.2 invitation: partnership→invite promoters;
4.2.1 unregistered promoters - choose the campaign or the product, copy the recruitment link below and send to your promoters. Promoters will receive an invitation from the campaign list after registration.
4.2.2 Affiliate Program: You can put the recruitment link on your official website to establish an Affiliate Program. If registered, even consumers can become your promoters. 【The demonstration is as follows】
4.2.3 registered promoters - invite via in site messages. Promoters will receive the invitation message in the campaign list.
5. Finance
Check all the finance details of your account.
6. Data overall
To view all the marketing data and conversion rate. Data can be viewed by filtering time.
7. Pending
Home → Pending; here you can view the application of the campaigns that you set to be reviewed manually.
8. Profile
Avatar in the upper right corner → Merchant Center. You can make changes in the corresponding location and submit to save.
If you have other questions, please feel free to add Mia through WeChat: cozmox01 or e-mail to
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