One click to authorize and link your PayPal Account

Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Payment channels > PayPal


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How Do I authorize and link my PayPal account with one click?

How Do I authorize and link my PayPal account with one click?

1. Enable PayPal for payment collection and select One click to authorize to proceed with the activation of your PayPal account.


2. After clicking, you will be redirected to PayPal to authorize the login, enter the email address and region of the merchant account to log in, and the account will be linked to the store after successful login.



3. After successfully linking the business account in PayPal, you need to click the blue button in the last step Go back to your store to officially complete the linking.


4. After successfully linking the account in PayPal, please return to the SHOPLAZZA admin and click Activated (if the activation fails or the process is interrupted, you can choose to retry or close the pop-up window)


5. You can enable or disable PayPal as a payment channel according to your needs. After you successfully link the PayPal account and choose to disable PayPal, you do not need to repeat the linking action when you enable it again.



PayPal can be activated at the same time as credit card collection, Alternative payment methods, Cash on delivery, other payment methods and third-party payment channels.

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