Activate Worldpay (For UK Merchants)

Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Settings > Payment channels > Credit card payment provider > Choose payment collection method.

1. Switch the current payment method to Worldpay.

2. Log in to the WorldPay admin to get the relevant configuration fields.

  • Click Settings> API keys.


  • Copy the Merchant ID, Service key, and Client key to SHOPLAZZA admin for pasting.

After getting the configuration values, linking and activating the method, go to the store to place a test order, if successful, you can start your store journey. If the credit card payment method appears on the checkout page under normal network conditions and disappears after loading, it is very likely that the configuration fields are wrong. Please confirm the accuracy of the copied values, and it is recommended to re-link it. If you have any questions during using Worldpay, please contact us.


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