How Do I Sign Up for a Stripe Account?

The steps are simple and take about 4 minutes to complete.

1. Visit, fill in the following information according to the page prompts:

  • Email - This email will be used to login into your account and receive notifications, as well as data collection and authentication notices sent by Stripe. Proceed with care.
  • Full name - You can fill in the name of your organization administrator or the abbreviated name of your organization.
  • Password - no less than 16 English letters, with at least a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, a number, and a special symbol (for example: @).

2. After confirming the information and entering your password again, you can click Create account.

3. The page will automatically refresh, and a pop-up will remind you to add a phone number that can be used to retrieve the account. Institutional administrators can choose to Send Confirmation Code or Skip as needed.

4. Stripe will send a confirmation to the corresponding mailbox once the actions above have been completed. To ensure the account can receive payments and function without issues, the account administrator needs to confirm the email address by following the email prompts.

Once the account has been created, you can link it to your SHOPLAZZA admin.

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