What Registration Materials Does Stripe Require?

What Registration Materials Does Stripe Require?

  • Required: Hong Kong (CN) bank personal or company account
  • Optional: Hong Kong (CN) company in Hong Kong, China
  • Not required: Hong Kong (CN) ID

It’s challenging to open a bank account in Hong Kong (CN) due to policy reasons. When applying for a Stripe account, a Hong Kong (CN) company is not required. You can choose to open a personal account. However, opening an account in your company’s name will provide more stability. We recommended that you register a Hong Kong (CN) company first.

What information do I need to open a Minsheng Hong Kong (CN) account?

  • A Passport or Hong Kong and Macau Pass: remaining validity must be more than three months.
  • Proof of residence: a utility bill with the applicant's name, proof of residence, or lease issued and stamped by the community.
  • Minsheng Bank debit card: apply for an ordinary debit card, and deposit 50,000 RMB, this amount can be withdrawn after a month.

For more details on materials required, please see:

For details on Minsheng Bank branches in your city, please see:

Minsheng Banks can get quite busy. Before applying for a Hong Kong (CN) account, we recommend making an appointment with an account manager. After about 10 working days, your Hong Kong (CN) account will be issued, and you can start filling out the online form to apply for a Stripe account.

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