How to activate Airwallex?

1. Log in to your Airwallex admin  On the Developer Keyspage, click Copy to get the Customer ID number. If you are setting up a sub-account, you need to check with the sales manager or account manager of Airwallex to confirm whether to set it up.


2. Below the customer ID number, click Generate client API key, a prompt will pop up, enter your account login password, and click Generate the client API key in the popup.


* After a new API Key is generated, the old API Key will be invalid. Please pay attention to the operation here. If you press the Generate Client API Key button by mistake, please note that you need to replace all website settings bound to the account.

3. In the Webhook area at the bottom of the Developer page, click Add Notification Link.


4. Fill in the following link into the Notification URL (The hyphen between the Airwallex and callback, without spaces) and select the Newest version.


5. Go to the Events page, select Collection, and a drop-down menu will appear.


6. Fill in the events you want to subscribe to with the following information.

  • Order - Created, Cancelled, Succeeded
  • Transaction Request - Request Failed
  • Refund - Request Received, Succeeded, Failed

7. After the saving is successful, go back to the Webhook, click the view icon in the Key, enter the login password, and get the key.


* If you do not have an Airwallex credit card account number, please contact your Airwallex sales manager or mail to:, we will arrange service personnel and open an account for you as soon as possible.

7. fill in the Client ID, Merchant ID and Webhook Secret Key in SHOPLAZZA admin.




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