Launched in December 2019, Atome works with over 5,000 leading online and offline retailers across fashion, makeup, lifestyle, fitness and home, serving 9 markets in Southeast Asia and Greater China. You can go to Atome for more information.
If you already have a registered Atome account, you can choose to link Atome as a payment channel. you can go to Link Atome with SHOPLAZZA to check out the detailed steps.

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Link Atome with SHOPLAZZA

Link Atome with SHOPLAZZA

Start here:SHOPLAZZA admin > Settings > Payment channels > Other payment methods > Atome

mceclip2.png 1. Select Atome and click Link Account to proceed.


2. The page will display the Klarna account link page, please fill in the Apikey and Password on this page.


3. After completing the account link, you can collect payment through Atome.

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