Pacypay (APM)

Pacypay is committed to providing online payment gateway technology services for merchants, and now supports international credit card online payment services worldwide and localized payment solutions in various countries around the world. Its main products and services include international credit card payment, 3D channel services, non-3D channel services, main business areas, and multi-currency processing. You can go to Pacypay for more information.

If you already have a registered Pacypay account, you can choose to link Pacypay as the payment channel. you can go to Link Pacypay with SHOPLAZZA to check out the detailed steps.

For the Pacypay payment methods supported by SHOPLAZZA, you can go to Supported Payment Methods through Pacypay to view details.

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Link Pacypay with SHOPLAZZA

Link Pacypay with SHOPLAZZA

Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Settings > Payment channels > Alternative payment methods > Pacypay


1. Select Pacypay and click Link Account to proceed.


2. The page will display the Pacypay account link page, please fill in the Merchant ID and MD5Key on this page.


3. After completing the account link, you can collect payment through Pacypay.

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