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dLocal currently serves more than 450 clients, including the digital entertainment industry, e-commerce trading companies, software service companies, travel service providers and global e-commerce platforms. Customers rely on dLocal to achieve one-stop access to more than 300 local payment methods and dLocal also helps customers to pay millions of payments to partners, procurement suppliers and cooperative merchants in emerging markets around the world. You can go to dLocal for more information.

If you already have a registered dLocal account, you can choose to link dLocal as the payment channel. you can go to Link dLocal with SHOPLAZZA to check out the detailed steps.

For the dLocal payment methods supported by SHOPLAZZA, you can go to Supported Payment Methods through dLocal to view details.

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Link dLocal with SHOPLAZZA

Link dLocal with SHOPLAZZA

Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Settings > Payment channels > Alternative Payment Methods > dLocal


1. Select dLocal and clickLink Account to proceed.


2. x_login,  x_trans_keyand Secret key are needed to link dLocal with SHOPLAZZA.


3. Log in to Dashboard with the registered email address of your dLocal account (


4. On the Integration page in the Settings menu, you can find the key information required by merchants for linking.


The Secret key needs to be received by registered email

5. Fill in the information obtained from dLocal to complete the link.


6. After completing the account link, you can collect payment through dLocal.


According to the transaction requirements, Brazil and Chile transaction information must include a tax ID.

For Brazil: CPF/CNPJ    

For Chile: RUT

If there is no tax ID in the transaction information, the transaction will be rejected. If you receive payments from these two countries, be sure to enable tax ID collection at SHOPLAZZA admin.

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