SHOPLAZZA Onboarding Checklist

When you're setting up your first online store at Shoplazza and you're new to the process, the Onboarding Checklist is an effective way to keep track of important steps and considerations.

You can follow the checklist below to create an online store that suits your business. This checklist outlines all the steps required to get started with Shoplazza. These steps will help guide you in creating and promoting your online store.

  • Select products for your online stores

You probably can't wait to start your business. The first question you are facing is what exactly to sell. If you want to try the Dropshipping mode, we highly recommend you to use the Skuowner in our App store, which supports one-click crawling of a large number of products on AliExpress and Amazon platforms, and also supports dropshipping, which is very suitable for novice merchants.

How to use Skuowner

  • Add your domain from an international domain service provider

If you have a domain that is easy to remember and matches your brand, it will be more effective for the promotion of your store. A good domain can make customers remember your brand at a glance. This is the first step to becoming a good self-hosted online store.

How to choose a good domain

How to purchase and resolve domain 

  • Product upload and management

Abundant and high-quality products are the core of a store. Faced with a brand-new website, it is recommended that you first complete the basic product upload and product collection creation, so as to facilitate repeated debugging when you customize the store, which can save you a lot of time.

How to Add a Product

How to Make Good Use of the Collection

  • Store Customization

After the product is uploaded, we should start customizing your online store. Based on the principle of the user experience first, we should choose the right theme and customize other pages (Home page, Collection page, Product page), so that store visitors can clearly know what your online store is selling.

How to choose the right theme template

How to customize my online store

  • Set up shipping solutions

For an online business, shipping and logistics determine the quality of our deliveries and the final experience of our customers. No matter how high-quality your website is, the delivery speed, quality and service of shipping solutions are equally important to satisfy your customers..

How to set up a shipping profile

  •  Set up the payment channel

When your customers place an order, they tend to use their usual payment method to check out, so you need to choose a payment channel that is safe, convenient and in line with customer habits to drive customers through the entire purchase process.

How to Set Up a Payment Channel

How to link PayPal account

  • Create Marketing Campaigns

After launching your store, the most important thing is to attract traffic to your store and convert your store’s visitors into customers who actually buy. At this time, the quickest way to attract traffic is to place ads to bring you the first batch of customers.

Basic Understanding and Common Mistakes of Advertising Marketing

Learn about Facebook Ads

A Quick Look at Four Types of Google Ads and Tips for Getting Started

How to Sign up for a Google Account in Admin

How to Set Up Google Shopping Campaigns

Five Marketing Automation Tools to Improve your Operational Efficiency in Multiple Dimensions







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