How Do I View Search Term Details of My Store?

The search term details can  display the data of customers searching in the store in a table format and export for analysis.

In the search term details page, you can perform the following activities.

  • View search details for each search term
  • View search results for each search term
  • See how customers behave after a search
  • Export search term data

1)Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Analytics > Overview dashboard > Top searches > See details. 

The search term details page displays data for the same date as the data overview by default.



2) If you need to view data for other date ranges, you can click the date selection bar to select a different date range. You can choose a preset range (such as the last 7 days), or click on a specific date on the calendar to set a custom range.


3)If you need to see a specific search term, you can use the search function on the page to search for a search term that contains a specific keyword.

4) Information displayed in the search term details page


The meaning of the data for the selected time

Search term

What users search for in the store

Number of searches

The number of times the search term was searched in the store

Search users

The number of users who searched for the term

Percentage of search

The number of searches for this search term as a percentage of the number of searches for all search terms

Returned result

Whether there is a corresponding result page for the search term. If there is no such data in the historical time period, "-" indicates that there is no data.

Search result click rate

In the case of search results, the number of users who clicked the link on the result page/the number of all users who searched for the word. If there is no such data in the historical time period, and "-" indicates that there is no data.


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