How do I Create Google Display Ads?

Display ads use images, videos, text or rich media formats to be placed on the Display Network, which covers 90% of Internet users worldwide. You can also show your ad messages to potential customers at the right time with precise targeting options.

1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Marketing > Google > Function > Display campaign.

2. Enter the Display ads landing page, the system will automatically read all the ads accounts under the Google account you logged in, and you will need to select the ads account corresponding to the current store to link.


3. Display ads can be created directly in the admin of the store without cross-platform operations.


4. After clicking New campaign,  there are two types of display ads to choose from, which are Smart display campaign and Standard display campaign.

  • Smart Display campaigns offer a simple, intelligent solution to managing the complex variables  display ads. 
  • Standard display campaign needs to set your own ad serving scope and ad bidding budget.


5. Select Smart display campaign and confirm to proceed with the settings.

  • Campaign setting
  • Budget and bidding
  • Ad group setting
  • Create your ads

6. When setting up the Ad group, you need to select the format, which is different from the previous campaign type selection. The Ad group format includes Responsive display ad and Upload display ad. These two ad group formats are available for both Smart Display Ads and Standard Display Ads.

  • For a Responsive display ad, you just need to upload your media assets (images, headlines, logos, videos, and descriptions) and Google will automatically generate ad group for websites, apps, YouTube, and Gmail. Responsive display ads can be used in display campaigns.
  • For an Upload display ad, you need to prepare an image of the appropriate size and format. Create and upload your own image ads for displaying network campaigns. 


7. If you select Responsive display ads, fill in the ad content required for responsive ads in turn.


8. If you select Upload display ad, you need to complete the following steps.

  • The final link of the ad landing page.
  • Upload the material according to the requirements.
  • Successfully uploading an image will create an ad. Currently, a maximum of 5 images and 5 advertisements are supported. 


9. After successfully creating any type of ad, you can see the corresponding ad and view key metrics on the homepage of Ads Management.


  • This list currently only displays the ad created by Shoplazza admin, and the ads data in the original account will not be migrated here.
  • Google campaigns have no delete option, so the status of the campaign can only be changed to paused.


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