How to Create a Review Page for My Store?

Merchants can add a review page in the homepage navigation to display all product reviews.

  1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Products > Reviews > Settings. Enable the review display.

  1. Create a review page via Store > Pages > Create page.

  1. Upgrade the active theme and customize the upgraded theme via Store > Themes > Customize.

  1.  Switch to Pages to Create a template.


  1.  Bind the previously created Customer Reviews page.


  1. After the binding is successful, click Add section to add the Review Flow.

  1. Click to enter the Review Flow section configuration, you can adjust the number of reviews to display.


  1.  Click Save and Publish. Finally, you need to add the Reviews page to the navigation. Go to Store > Navigation to edit the navigation menu.

  1. Add menu item.

  1. Edit the navigation name (the name will be displayed in the store navigation) and select the page link.


11. Go to your store to check the effect.


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