Creating a review page

You can add a review page to your Shoplazza store homepage to display all product reviews.

Review settings

1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Products > Reviews > and click Settings.

2. Here you will Enable the review display and Save settings after enabling it.

Adding a page

1. In order to create a review page, head over to your Shoplazza Admin > Online Store > Pages and click Add page.

2. Here you will add the page title, content and editing your SEO. Click Save when you finish editing.

Configuring page

1. Before you add a page to show up on your store, you will have to upgrade the theme, head over to Shoplazza Admin > Online Store > Themes > Customize > and click the more options icon (⋯) and click Upgrade.


If you can't updgrade theme for any reason, you can add reviews section by editing code in your themes.

2. After upgrading theme click Customize.

3. Click on Pages under the home page drop down and then click to Add page.

4. Here you can select the previously created Customer Reviews page, add a name and click on Create.

5. After the page is successfully created, click the Add section to add the Review Flow.


6. Click to enter the Review Flow section configuration, you can adjust the number of reviews to display. When you're done editing, click Save draft and Publish.

Editing Navigation

1. After publishing the settings, you need to add the Reviews page to the navigation. Exit out of your themes and head over to your Shoplazza Admin > Online Store > Navigation and click on Add menu.

2. Edit the navigation name (the name will be displayed in the store navigation), select the page link where you would like it to be displayed and click Add at the end.

3. Click Save when you're done editing.

4. To view your changes, head over to your store.

Congratulations! Now your store visitors can see customer reviews on the homepage. 

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