Set up Discount for Recommended Products

In the Product Recommendation App, you can set discounts for recommended products. There are three types of discount options, namely "Fixed amount", "Discount" and "No discount".

How Do I Set up Discounts for Recommended Products?

  1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Apps > Visit Apps Store > Product recommendation.



  1. To add New recommendation rule or edit existing rules, find Recommendation discount on the Rules setting tab.



  1. Click the drop-down menu to select the discount type, and fill in the corresponding discount content.


  1. Set discount threshold: to set a threshold that requires the products' price to join the discount campaign.


  1. Combine with other discounts: the product can participate in other campaigns at the same time. Otherwise, the "product recommendation" discount is not available once the product already got other existing discounts.


  1. Click Next to set up the Display settings. you can set up a badge to display the discount.



  1. Choose from different badge styles.
  • When the Display badge randomly is enabled, the system randomly selects the recommended products to display the badge. After disabling, all the recommended products will display the banner.
  • Enable Show discount to display the discount amount of the recommended products.



  • The discount campaign set in the Product Recommendation App is equivalent to automatically assigning a discount code to the recommended product (the form and amount of the discount are set on the Rules settings tab), and the discount code is automatically used on the Checkout page.
  • When the discount of the Product Recommendation plugin is not set to Combine with other discounts, the discounts of Product recommendation and Discount with purchase are not available at the same time. That is, when the product also participates in the Discount with purchase campaigns, the discount of Product recommendation will not take effect.


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