How to configure product recommendations for email campaigns through Klaviyo

In this article, you will learn how to configure email campaigns by using Klaviyo in Shoplazza's app store and Klaviyo admin, you can also promote your products in the marketing email.  


1、Get Public API Key and bind to Klaviyo app of Shoplazza

2、Sync store product information to Klaviyo using Klaviyo app

3、Apply to Klaviyo to unlock Product Block

4、Configure marketing email templates using Product Block

5、Create and publish email campaigns

1.Get Public API Key and bind to Klaviyo in Shoplazza's App Store

  • Install Klaviyo in the App store section in your Shoplazza admin, click the button below to go to get Public API Key.screenshot-20220822-200926.pngmceclip2.png
  • Return to the Klaviyo app in Shoplazza and add the Pubic API Key to the input box below.screenshot-20220822-201050.pngscreenshot-20220822-201631.png
  • After completing these steps, the data of your Shoplazza store will be synchronized to Klaviyo  and you can start tracking result of your marketing activity.

2.Sync product information of your Shoplazza store to Klaviyo  

  • Click Generate button the Klaviyo app to create Product feed URL  screenshot-20220822-201754.png
  • After created the URL, all latest information for the published products will be stored. Please copy the generated Product feed URL.screenshot-20220823-171917.png
  • Go to Klaviyo admin -> Catalog -> Custom Sources -> Add New Source,add the copied Product feed URL to the Source URL field, add the rest of the information, and click Define Sources to save it, which will lead you to the Source list automatically. mceclip7.png
  • In the Source list, click on the name of your source, you could check the source details, click Complete Feed Setup after confirming that the fields are mapped correctly.mceclip8.pngmceclip9.png
  • Klaviyo will then synchronize the product information, and when the synchronization is completed, the Source status will be updated to Sync Complete.mceclip10.png Now Klaviyo has acquired the product information form your Shoplazza store. The product information from this URL along with the product information from other URLs will make up your Catalog.

3. Unlock Product Block from Klaviyo

  • To add Catalog product information to your email template, you need to use the Product Block feature. Please contact  Klaviyo support team by email and ask them to activate  the Product Block feature.

    Here is an email template that you can copy and paste to quickly draft messages for your team.

    Subject Line: <your company name> request to activate product blocks


    I need to activate the product block of my klaviyo account and I have written all the necessary information below.

     Klaviyo account:<Your klaviyo account name>

     metric : Ordered Product.

     Unique ID in my json file:"id" field.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    <Your Name>

  • After activating Product Block, it will be displayed as follows when creating a marketing email template.mceclip11.png

4.Configure marketing email templates using Product Block

  • Open an existing  email template, or click Create Template to create a new email template.mceclip12.png
  • In the email template editing screen, drag the Product Block from the left side of the screen to the right side to complete assembling the email template.
  • There are two ways to add data sources for Product Block's product recommendation. 
    • Manually select the product information from the Catalog :  Catalog -> Browse for Products.mceclip13.pngmceclip14.pngmceclip15.png ○ Select Product feed to link with Product Block,  Populate from Feed-> Select a feed.mceclip16.png

      *Concept of Product feed

      A dynamic collection of products formed by filtering and sorting Catalog products by specific conditions, and using Product feed to associate Product Blocks to display product information more flexibly.

      *How to configure the Product feed

      See the official Klaviyo guidelines on how to configure .


  • Once you have added the product information data source to the Product Block, complete the remaining information configuration and save. For more detailed information on the configuration items, please refer to the official Klaviyo guidelines.

5.Create and publish email campaigns

  • Go to Klaviyo admin -> Campaigns -> Create Campaign to create a campaign.mceclip17.png
  • Select the group of recipients participating in the campaign.mceclip18.png
  • Select the marketing email template required for the campaign.mceclip19.pngmceclip20.pngmceclip21.pngFill in the rest of the information for the event.mceclip22.png
  • Check it over.mceclip23.png
  • Choose a future date or send now.mceclip24.png

 You have completed the setup of your email marketing campaign. Your target customers will receive your campaign emails and will be able to visit your store through the product links in the emails. You can access the campaign's data dashboard to track the real time campaign's conversion data.

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