How to Accept Staff Account Authorization?

Staff can choose to accept the invitation after receiving the invitation email/SMS. After accepting the invitation, enter the SHOPLAZZA platform and set a password to enter the admin panel.


  1. After the administrator finishes adding the staff in the SHOPLAZZA admin and saves it, you need to notify your staff to click the invitation to accept the employee account authorization link in the email/ text message. Here we take email as an example.


  1. Open the email and click "Accept this invitation and access the store" in the email to accept the authorization.

  1. The link will redirect to the login page and log in successfully after setting the password.


* If the invited staff account is a mobile phone number, it does not need to be registered first. It is consistent with the email invitation. If the staff  have registered a mobile phone account, the staff can choose whether to accept the invitation. If the staff have not registered an account with phone number, he/she needs to set a password before accepting the invitation.

* If the inviting staff has registered an account, they can accept the store invitation in the store list.

*  When inviting a staff account, you need to select the custom order prefix in the basic information of the store. After selecting, the staff account will have the permission to browse and operate the relevant interface.


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