How to Replace Bound Bank Card?

After the bank card is successfully bound, the bank card can be replaced. After successful replacement, the card number will be changed to the latest bank card number.

  1. Click Replace in the bank card list.mceclip0.pngmceclip1.png
  1. Select the stripe international credit card channel, then enter the page to fill in the credit card information. If you select the UnionPay channel, you need to enter the card number first, then click Submit card number, the system will identify the card type according to the card number, and you need to enter the page corresponding to the card type to fill in the card information.mceclip0.png
  2. After entering the card information and the information is successfully verified, click Confirm.mceclip1.png
  1. After the card is successfully replaced, the latest card information will be displayed in the card listmceclip4.png
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