Google review frequently asked question

Here are some tips for your Google review to improve your customer experience:

1. Accurate and detailed products information such as Size reference page and genuine picture of your products , it could help you to reduce complaints with the reason' product not as described'.   

2. Clear customer reviews of your products or service.

3. Detailed shipping and delivery policy.

4. Clear return and refund policy.

5. Available contacting methods on Contact us page

6. Completed 'privacy policy' page

7.  Shopping without login for your customer

8.  Genuine address and business registration license provided on About Us page.

9.  Icons on your website such as Facebook icon or chat icon functioning well.  

10. Counterfeit items are not allowed

11. Do not link to the same facebook page for different accounts.

12. Avoid defective websites or blank pages, well-functioned Add to Cart button, accurate Collection or products sorting

13. Avoid misleading promotion

14. Reasonable discount. 

15. Avoid setting up countdown, discount on entire website or Black Friday campaigns.

16. More than 10 followers on your social media home page.

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