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In the theme editor, you can add sections to compose page content. There are two types of sections.

  • Sections: Each theme has its sections and the theme section only exists in a specified theme. According to the purpose, there are different classifications of themed sections;
  • Additions: It is an addition to a themed section. As a general section, its style and function are suitable for multiple themes. You can see the same additions in different themes. Similarly, additions will have different categories.

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How Do I Add Sections at Theme Editor?

How Do I Add Sections at Theme Editor?

1. Start here: Store > Themes > Customize > Add section.

2. View sections: After clicking "Add section", you can see two types of sections. Click the corresponding name to switch between different types of sections (Theme sections/Addition). The sections are themed (only for this theme).

3. Search for sections: You can search for the corresponding sections by keywords. Enter the relevant text, and the sections containing the text will be displayed.

4. Select a section: Click the section you want to add to the page. The newly added section will be marked as selected, which helping you better position the section on the page. For example, If you click on the video card, the video card is added to the theme editor.



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