How to View Product Data Details?

  1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Analytics > Product data details. By default, the product data detail page will display data for today.

  1. If you need to view data in other date ranges, click the date selection bar to select a different date range. You can select a preset range (such as the past 7 days), or click on a specific date on the calendar to set a custom range.

  1. If you need to view the trend, you can click the data trend chart to view the prdata in the form of a chart.

  1. If you need to view a specific product, you can search for products that contain a certain keyword.

  1. The following indicators will be displayed in the product data details



Product image

Image of the product


Product title


Product subtitle

Product ID

ID of the product

Variant ID

ID of the variant

Variant title

Title of the variant


SKU of the variant


The order quantity of the product

Units sold

The number of products sold

Total sale

The sum of the selling prices of the product

Net sales

The total sale price of the product - discount

Returned quantity

Number of product returned

Add-to-cart count

Count of the product added-to-cart


Product views

Percentage of add-to-cart

The percentage of product added-to-cart product to all products added-to-cart all

Pageview percentage

The percentage of the product's views to all product's pageviews


Number of users who have viewed the product

Number of customers who add-to-cart

The number of customers who add-to -cart of the product

Conversion rate

Product orders / Product visitors


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