How Do I Set Up Facebook Messenger?

  1. Create a page
  • Facebook Messenger must be linked to your Facebook page. Log into your Facebook account to create a Facebook page first.
  • On your home page, click "Pages" on the left side of the page.

  1. Fill in the information required by Facebook until your page is created.


  1. Go to your newly created Facebook page, click “Settings” in the lower-left corner.

  1. Click “Messaging”.
  2. Add Messenger to your website.

  1. Set up your chat plugin. Follow the instructions and copy the code generated from settings.

  • You can also set the messenger to send a greeting to visitors before they send a message.

  • You can customize the color to match your brand or website colors.

  1. Go to SHOPLAZZA admin > App store > Customer service > Facebook Messenger

  1. Paste the code generated from Facebook chat plugin settings and click “Save” to link Facebook Messenger to your store.

  1. After adding the Messenger code, go back to your Facebook page and click "Advanced Messaging".
  2. Save your domain in “Whitelisted Domains”.

  1. You’re now done setting up Facebook Messenger for your store.


Facebook Messenger is more than just an online chat tool. It also includes the following functions:

  • Messenger Day (Doodle, filters, photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours).
  • Switch between video and phone conversations easily.
  • Manage all your messages from Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook in one place.
  • The updated camera feature supports photos and videos.
  • Group video chat.
  • Assistant M provides suggested replies.

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