ShareASale Product Sync Tutorial

Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > App Store > Marketing > ShareASale


1. Enter the ShareASale plugin and bind your ShareASale Merchant ID.


2.  Click Add products to be synced to add the products that need to be synchronized to the ShareASale platform. The maximum number of products synchronization is 50,000, and products exceeding that number will not be synchronized.

3. Click Add Collection, select a collection, add products to be synchronized in bulk by collection, and then click the "Add" to proceed.



4. Take the collection as the unit to complete the ShareASale product categories and sub-categories of the products to be synchronized in bulk.

5. Choose how to synchronize products to ShareASale: If you select the manual synchronization, Export the product data to be synchronized added in the previous step, and upload the exported file to the ShareASale to complete the manual synchronization.


6. If you choose the automatic synchronization, you need to fill in the FTP account and password provided by ShareASale. Click "How to get it?", copy the generated email template, and send the email to



7. Fill in the FTP account and password contained in ShareASale's reply to the input box, and click Turn on sync.



8. Turn on the synchronization successfully, which means that the product has been synchronized to the ShareASale platform. You can control the "Keep updating" switch to decide whether you want to automatically synchronize products (automatically sync once every 24 hours).


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