How to enter new store guide?

1. After completing the information collection on the collection page, you will enter the new store guide page.


2. The menu shows the operations that need to be done, it is recommended to complete all in order. However, it is not mandatory, you can click on the menu to switch to the next step.
3. The right side shows the content according to the selected menu.
4. You can choose to click on the button to enter the corresponding page, or you can choose to skip it, and of course you can click on the help document below to see how to do it.
5. After reading the guidance, the left menu will display the completion icon.
6. The new store guide page will be hidden after clicking on other sections.
7. Click on the “Get started” button to enter the page at any time.


* Set up the payments will determine whether the store has subscribed to the official plan, if not, you will enter the plan subscription page.

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