How do I set up Facebook Data Assistant?

Install the app and link to your Facebook ads account

1. Install Facebook Data Assistantmceclip0.pngmceclip1.pngmceclip4.png

2. Link to ads account and get permission(ACT)mceclip5.png

3. Enter the ad account ID in the pop-up window and select the account time zone. Time zone selected here must be consistent with the ad account time zone to ensure the store order data is correctly synchronized.mceclip6.png

How to acquire account ID and set up time zone?

Install the extension in Chrome to establish a connection between your store and Facebook ad manager.

1. Click “Download” to download the fb_data_assistant.zipmceclip7.png

2. Unzip the installation package.

3. Locate “Manage Extension”in Chrome.

4. Switch on “Developer mode” and load unpacked file.

5. Pick up the unpacked file to load.

6. See the extension in the list to make sure the upload is successful.

7. Switch on the extension to enable data reporting. (this action must be done when you are landed in Facebook Ad Manager page. If you switch to other pages, the extension has no effect)

Add extra UTM parameters,re-tracking the ads data

1. Copy the utm parameter.mceclip8.png

2. Add utm parameter to the end of website URL

For ads that have been created before, paste the utm parameter after the website URL to publish and save. Order data that has been generated before will not be counted. The "?" shall be replaced with "&" at the head of the utm parameter.

Customize columns to see accurate advertising data

1. In the Facebook ads manager, enter your campaign, and click “Columns” > “Customize column”.

2. Select the following 6 options:

  • Performance
  • Results
  • Amount spent
  • Conversions
  • Standard event
  • Purchase ROAS (Return on Ad spend)
  • Settings
  • Object name and number
  • Campaign ID
  • Ad Set ID
  • Ad ID

4. On the advertising data display page, you can see the green icon, which shows the real advertising performance data.

5. Facebook Data Assistant would match the data to the corresponding ad campaign according to the utm parameters attached to the store order source, so that merchants can accurately match the order and the corresponding ads. Optimization specialists would also know how to optimize ads effect.


*Time zone selected here must be consistent with the ad account time zone to ensure the store order data is correctly synchronized.mceclip6.png

*A Facebook advertising account can only be linked to one store. Otherwise the results of multiple stores will be mixed in one advertising account.

*A store can have multiple Facebook ad accounts, and store performance data can be reported and displayed in multiple Facebook advertising accounts.

*If there is no associated store link, you need to correctly link the advertising account to your store first.

*Facebook data assistant currently supports adding utm parameters to newly created ads and existing ads data. After enabling the function and adding the parameter, it will start to record all reported data immediately.

*Please do not delete the .zip file in your PC which would cause the invalidation of Facebook Data Assistant.

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