What are the SHOPLAZZA fees and deduction methods?



What is the fee of using SHOPLAZZA ?

SHOPLAZZA fee consists of two parts: Subscription Fee and GMV Commission Fee.


1.What is the Subscription Fee?

After registering your SHOPLAZZA account, we will provide you with a 7-day free trial. During the free trial, if you wish to use Shoplazza further, you need to subscribe to an official plan version before the end of the free trial, and your journey with Shoplazza will continue.

2.How to deduct Subscription fee?

The subscription fee needs to be paid by credit card (Currently support VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, and UnionPay). During the free trial, if you add your credit card and subscribe to one of the official plan versions, you will immediately initiate a subscription fee deduction to make the plan take effect. Once the plan takes effect, automatic plan subscription and fee deduction will be adopted by default to avoid affecting your store transactions due to the expiration.


The detailed deduction is as follows


1)SHOPLAZZA will mark the next deduction date for you in the [Settings > Plan and Payment] page of the admin. Three days before the store expiration, you will be reminded by a letter on the site that the subscription fee will be deducted soon for the next period.

2)The subscription fee is automatically deducted at 23:59:59 on the day of the store expiration. SHOPLAZZA will initiate a subscription fee deduction to your linked payment account.

3)If the deduction is successful, and store renewal is successful, SHOPLAZZA will send you the successfully paid bill via email. You can also download the subscription bill at any time in SHOPLAZZA admin.


4)If the store is linked with a credit card that cannot be used for normal transactions, the renewal will fail. To avoid affecting store transactions, after the first automatic subscription deduction fails, SHOPLAZZA will provide you with two additional retry deduction opportunities once every 24 hours. After the last retry deduction fails, your store will be frozen.

3.What is the GMV Commission Fee?

As a SaaS service platform, SHOPLAZZA needs to provide continuous technical operation and maintenance guarantees for merchants, and it needs to continue to iterate new functions to meet the diversified scenarios of businesses. Therefore, a certain percentage of the commission fee will be charged to the merchant's GMV as a technical cost.

4.How is the GMV Commission Fee Deducted?

GMV commission fee needs to be paid by credit card. When the GMV commission generated by the store reaches $50, the system will generate a commission bill and initiate a deduction for the credit card linked to the store.

The detailed deduction is as follows

1)If the deduction is successful, the system will generate the commission bill details and push them to you via email. At the same time, it will send an internal letter, and you can download the payment statement at the SHOPLAZZA admin for reconciliation at any time.

2)Depending on the number of failed deductions, different results will be provided.

  • If the first deduction fails, the system will get in touch with you through notifications and email to remind you to update a credit card that can be paid normally. And the second deduction will be initiated after 24 hours.
  • If the second deduction fails, the system will temporarily freeze your admin, and get in touch with you by notification and email to remind you to update the credit card that can be paid normally. The third deduction will be initiated after 24 hours.
  • If the third deduction failed, and the deduction result was consistent with the second time, and the admin continued to be frozen. The system will initiate the last deduction after 24 hours.
  • If the last deduction fails, the entire store enters a frozen state, which will affect the transactions of your store.


The system can provide a total of 3 days for the merchant to link the credit card that can be paid normally. During this period, the merchant can initiate payment after linking the card to remove restrictions. After the store is frozen, the merchant can also initiate a deduction to release the freeze.

5.Is my credit card information safe?

SHOPLAZZA has obtained PCI payment security certification, which can ensure the security of your payment information. In addition, the credit card information you linked will be directly saved on the third-party payment platform. Stripe has sophisticated risk control capabilities that can ensure the security of your credit card.

6.Where can I receive payment bills?

We will follow the "Terms of Service" and use the email address you provided when registering for your SHOPLAZZA account as the main method of notification.

7.How can I cancel the auto-recurring of subscription fee?

Start here: Settings > Plan and Payment > Plan > Cancel auto-recurring.

8.How can I unlink the credit card?

Start here: Settings > Palan and Payment > Preferred payment method > Managing credit card. When you initiate unlinking your credit card, you need to settle your arrears bill first. After the settlement is completed, SHOPLAZZA will unlink your credit card and your domain, log out of the current store, and send you the settled bill via email.

The right to interpret the above content belongs with SHOPLAZZA. Want to know more about the SHOPLAZZA service terms? Please go to
Terms of Service.


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