App Developer Onboarding Quick Start


This quick start guide walks you through 6 steps to start building apps. For the purposes of this guide, we’re going to focus on creating public apps: apps that are meant for one-to-many distribution via the Shoplazza App Store.




1. Sign up Shoplazza Partner Account

Before you use Shoplazza's Open API to build apps, your need to join in partner program and sign up Shoplazza Partner Account:

  • Go to Partner Center, Click "Join now" in the upper right  corner to sign up a new Shoplazza Account
  • After sign up, it will landing to Partner Account Page
  • Click "Create a partner account" to fill in information and create a partner account, after that, it will lead to the Partner dashboard page.

For more information about partner account, please follow this guide to learn more.

2. Create App

You can create an app at partner dashboard, then your Client ID & Client Secret will be generated automatically, you can use this information for OAuth process and Open API. Follow these steps to create an app:

  • Go to Partner dashboard, click "Apps" to navigate to the Apps page.
  • Click "Create app" to create a new app.
  • After your app is created, your Client ID & Client Secret will be generated automatically, you can check it out in the App settings page.


For more information about the App, please follow this guide to learn more

3. Create a development store

In order to develop and test your app, you need create a development store, follow these steps to  create a development store:

  • After you've created a Shoplazza Account in step 1.
  • You can go to your account management page -> manage storeto create a store.
  • Follow this guide to send email to Partner Support and apply for enabled development store. 


For more information about how to create a development store, please follow this guide to learn more

4. Get API Access Token

After you get your Client key and Client Secret, then you are able to make your app to get merchants' permission to read and write their data by the OAuth process.

5. Make authenticated requests

After your app retrieves an API Access Token, your app can make authenticated request to Admin API.

6. Submit your app to App Store

When you finished app development, you could submit by go the the partner dashboard to submit your app for review. Please follow this guide to know how to submit your app.

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