How do I set up the Shopping Ads title optimization-Customized title optimization?

After completing the product precheck, the merchant can optimize the titles of the products that have passed precheck to meet the needs of ads. Using the edited SEO title in the product management section or directly modifying the product title are supported. Use the customized title as the ads promotion title, and re-upload it to GMC.

1. Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Marketing > Google > Function > Shopping Campaign> Product > Title Optimization.

2. Select Customized title optimization to edit.

3. Select Specific collections or Specific products to add products. If you choose the specific products, all the variants under the product will be added too.

4. Merchants can modify the product title and variant title separately.

  • For variant title optimization, you can modify the title and variant attributes, and the title will be reused for other variants under the same product.
  • For the product title optimization, modifying product attributes is not supported.

5. Click Upload, and the product will be re-uploaded to GMC with the new title.

6. Switch to the Promo title settings, and choose to use customized product title or SEO title for ads promotion. The customized product title is selected by default.

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