How do I register an account?

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Ordinary sign up

Quickly Sign Up with Your Google account

Ordinary sign up

1. Login to the official website

2. Click Sign up. E-mail is supported for registration.

3. Enter verification code, password and store name as guided.

4. Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in detail to proceed.

5. 7 days of free trial are available after successful registration



  • After registering an account, the account can be used in any SHOPLAZZA related services. Registry without a store is also supported.
  • When the password and store name are entered, the verification conditions are displayed. When the conditions are met, there is a gray check mark, and the ones that do not meet the verification conditions are displayed in red. When the verification conditions are fully met, the verification notice will disappear.

Quickly Sign Up with Your Google account

1. Click Sign up with Google Account.


2. Go to the Google Account page and choose your Google account.


3. If it is the first time to use your Google account for signing up, you will be redirected to the account creation page.

4. Click Create an account to enter the account management page.


5. Click Create your store and fill in relevant information to enter the store admin.



  • If you have ever used a Google account to register with SHOPLAZZA, select the corresponding Google account, you can directly enter the SHOPLAZZA system without creating an account.
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