How do I mannage membership reward points?

  1. Go to "Membership reward points" and click "Settings".


  1. Activate membership reward program and save the setting.


  1. Go back to "Membership reward points”, under the "Earn points" section, you can see the current rules for earning points. Delete, preview, and edit the rules are supported.
  2. Click "Add ways to earn" to create a new rule for earning membership reward points.
  3. Fill in the rules for earning points.


  1. Click "Redeem Points", and you can see current redemption rules.
  2. Click "Add ways to redeem" to create a new rule for redeeming membership reward points.
  3. Follow the instructions to fill in the redeem rules.


  1. In "Data Center", you can see the data of "Shopping invitation" and "Membership reward points" on the dashboard.
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