How do I set up gift with purchase campaigns?

Gift with purchase is a promotion to attract customers and increase average order value. Businesses usually offer this in the form of a free item upon spending a certain amount.


1. Start here: Shoplazza admin > Apps > Visit App Store > Search app Discount with purchase > Add

2. Click Gift with purchase > Campaign management > Create activity

  • Fill in the Basic information, which includes the campaign title and campaign duration. You can choose whether to carry out the campaign on a long-term basis.
  • Set campaign Rules and discount level
  • Select a product to add as a gift from your existing production collection
  • The campaign can be applied to Specific products or Collections. If you select specific products, you must add products to participate in the campaign and save the settings.
  • Product sorting display can be sorted ascending/descending alphabetical order, by price, or by sales volume.

3. Click Next to complete the Activity page settings.

  • Setup Activity banner. The activity banner can be set as Fullscreen or Centered.
  • Enable/disable the discount Pop up and coupon text display
  • Complete the color settings for banner as needed.
  • Edit the campaign content


Once the activity is created, Click Campaign Settings, you can edit the campaign content, setup gift collection display and select the campaign labelmceclip0.png

Under the gift collection page entry you can choose the Common button entry and tage entry. You can also preview the effect by hovering over your mouse to eye icon.mceclip1.png

You can also see the campaign data overview in Data center.

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