How do I set up Sales Tax on Google Merchant Center (U.S Only)?

1. After logging in to GMC, you can set the sales tax by clicking on the upper right corner of the page Tools & settings > Sales Tax.

2. In the “Tax settings” interface of GMC, if the system detects that there is no business address in the United States, the system will propose the corresponding tax setup.

3. If the system detects an US IP address, it will notify merchants to set up sales tax for each state.

4. Merchants selling products in the United States can set up the sales tax by local laws and regulations.


5. Google will use product categories provided by merchants in the Feed to set the tax rate in the applicable state.

  • In states that have enacted Marketplace facilitator tax, products will be taxed under the laws. For orders from those states, Google remits taxes directly to the tax authorities. Merchants cannot refund or change taxes of orders in these states.
  • In states that have not enacted the Marketplace facilitator tax, Google will refund all taxes collected to merchants for remitting. Merchants can also get a tax refund or change taxes when shipping the order.


6. Click Save to complete settings.

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