How do I set up GMC shipping and returns?

1. After logging in to GMC, you can set GMC Shipping and Returns by clicking on the upper right corner of the page Tools & settings > Shipping and returns.

2. Head to Add shipping service in the Shipping and returns tab on GMC.

3. Enter Service name and then Select a service area.

4. Set up Delivery time.

5. Set up Shipping cost.

6. Click Save to complete the settings.


📘 Note:
  • Wait time and shipping cost are the two most common reasons that customers decide not to place an order. Make sure your shipping costs are accurate and up to date.
  • Shipping costs submitted to Google Merchant Center must be the same as the costs charged by your website.
  • Make sure the shipping cost submitted to Google Merchant Center is the same as the shipping information displayed on your website. If reviews show that shipping cost of the product is lower than the cost displayed on your website, Google may decline to show the product details.
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