How Do I get TikTok Access Token?

1. Features

Add TikTok Pixel to the TikTok Multi Pixel plug-in, and optionally turn on the TikTok Events API function. To enable this function, you need to bind the TikTok Access Token corresponding to Tiktok Pixel. This article will introduce you to the method of obtaining TikTok Access Token.


2. Steps

  1. Use your TikTok Business account to log in to the Tiktok For Business.

  • Enter the TikTok Business platform, click on the "Assets" option at the top left, and select "Event" in the drop-down bar.

  • Select the Website Pixel in the "App Event" and "Website Pixel", and click the Manage button.

  • Select the TikTok Pixel for which you need to enable the Events API function, and click to enter the Pixel details page.

  • Click the "Settings" column, select the "Use another account’s TikTok Developer app" option, and paste the following App ID into the input box: 6998451228816457730

  • Click the "Generate Access Token" button to successfully obtain TikTok Access Token.

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